Kristine Seganti professional skin therapist, educator and health enthusiast of SkinBio365

What makes my skin approach unique? 

Taking a "team" approach with my each and every one of my clients has proven to be the most effective technique I have to offer as a skin therapist. I find that working closely with each one of you on your individual skin condition translates into rapid results and excitement on both ends.  Whether it is in regards to dietary consumption, daily cleansing regimens, holistic at-home treatments, etc. I am always on call when it comes to the healing and/or progression of your skin condition.

My ultimate goal is to fulfill your desire for long term skin improvement and sustainability. In other words, healing from the inside out. 

What inspires me?

A strong desire for people to discover and uncover their inner beauty. I believe that true beauty starts from within and grows into the outer image we project to the world. With the proper guidance and knowledge I hope to impart more than just healthy skin; I hope to be a part of a more confident and healthy you! 

Why I named my shop SkinBio365...

It's all about the biology of beauty from the inside out.... 365 days a year not just every now and then or when you feel like it. A healthy lifestyle, healthy mentality, healthy skin, means a healthy, well-balanced you! This is where the team-approach comes into play. Once you have someone cheering you on, holding you accountable & helping treat your skin, you will see major changes!