The Green Apple Peel by Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills is an all-natural Power Punch Treatment – one of the Top Sellers at DBH (dermaesthetics beverly hills).  It is purifying, brightening, refreshing, lightening and tightening.  The all in one treatment every Professional should carry and every client wants.  This extremely result oriented treatment contains the active ingredients of Malic Acid, Lactic Acid and Azelaic Acid.

Let’s dive into the juicy skin benefits!

Malic Acid is naturally derived from nature’s best source, green apples.   One of the best natural sources that produce malic acid is in the green apple.  This alpha hydroxy acid is an anti-aging dynamite!  Containing the ability to improve skin texture and increase cell turnover, malic acid peels boost collagen, reducing pigmentation, unclog pores and improving acne. 

Powerful Lactic Acid brightens and hydrates, while inhibiting melanin production due to over exposer to the sun.  It strengthens elastin and collagen while increasing the cell turnover rate; making this treatment ideal for all skin types and skin conditions.

Azelaic Acid treats acne, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and prevents further acne breakouts. Yet, it is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin such as rosacea.  Rosacea suffers will particularly see a benefit if they have acneic skin since this is both a calming and soothing ingredient.

From Dry, to Oily, to Aging, Pigmented or acneic skin, with this power trio of active ingredients, you will find that the Green Apple Peel Treatment to be your ALL STAR SUPER HERO!

My favorite part of this treatment is that all of my clients see an immediate change in their skin right after the treatment.  Days after the treatment we continue to see results of tighter, more even tone, smooth texture and cell turnover.  This is why the Green Apple Peel is our Power House Super Hero of the month!

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