I have been getting eyelash extensions for over 8 years now.  In the beginning I was nervous about the procedure and if they would be suitable for my lifestyle.  After about 3 months of getting fills and keeping my lashes in good condition, I became easily addicted.  The initial 2 hour full set was relaxing and time flew by.  It felt like I was only there for 30 minutes!!  No kidding  :)  I book regular fills every 2+ weeks based on my schedule and go in for a 1.0 to 1.5hr fill depending on what I feel I need.  Summer time I tend to stick with every 2 weeks since eyelashes grow faster in the heat and I frequent the beach more often!  The time I save throughout the weeks is more than justifiable for me to relax and give myself time to breathe.  Oh, and to be able to go to the beach with no makeup, no mascara and dive in the ocean without a worry and STILL come out looking amazing?!?!? Yes please, give me some lashes!  

skinbio365 Classic I Full:

Speaking of makeup...When I first started getting extensions I used foundation, powder, eyeliner, shadow, mascara, brow pencil, lipstick and lip liner.  I ditched all of these in the following order: mascara, eyeshadows, eyeliner, foundation/powder, lipstick/liner, eyebrow pencil.   I am constantly on the road teaching classes, attending additional master esthetician courses, tending to clients and caring for my resort clientele.  I was amazed at the difference lashes made.  Not only did my eyes look bright, clear and big, but my skin also looked brighter.  This all sounds strange, but for you ladies that do eyelash extensions know exactly what I am talking about.  They bring out the natural feminine beauty in us!  The people around you even notice a difference in your appearance.  They just can't figure it out, hahahahahaha!

 The main reason I love getting this treatment done is the way I feel confident, bright & beautiful, even without makeup!  I feel put together and ready to go without any fuss.  I must admit, my gentleman loves how fast I get ready too!  He also compliments me in the morning when I wake up!!  It is so nice to wake up and have him tell me how pretty I look!!!  I know, crazy talk right?!?! 

The desired look is entirely up to you and can change based over a period of time once you have a chance to get used to them.  There are many spas, salons and lash boutique's that you can find.  The quality and end result you receive truly depends on the ability, experience and care of the technician.  I have been from the South Bay to Los Angeles, all with different results.  Some are good, some are less than favorable.  The saying holds true; You get what you pay for.  This is a personal experience between you and your professional eyelash technician.  It deserves the time and consideration to learn what works for you!  

photos are skinbio365 Classic I Full Set

Kristine Seganti