The Battle of Dry vs Dehydrated Skin!

by Kristine Seganti

I often have clients ask me what the difference is between dry skin and dehydrated skin.  In fact, many of my clients are surprised that they have dehydrated skin!

Even though both dry and dehydrated skin have many similarities, there are several clear difference.   If any of you have dry skin, the chance of you knowing it are pretty high!

Here is a quick cheat sheet to determine whether a person has dry or dehydrated skin.

dry vs dehyradated.png

Although I have access and use high grade products, I still deal with my own personal dry skin condition, as dry skin is a condition I was born with.  Having dry skin, it continues to change with age and weather patterns.  So you constantly need to stay on top of these changes in order to gain full control.  Same with any other conditions such as acne or oily skin. 

To better identify the habits of dry skin, I will give you an idea of my self care routine.  Dry skin soaks up product very quickly, almost like a sponge to water!  It feels and looks tight/taut, the pores are small and your skin will tend to flake easily if not properly cared for.  After cleansing my skin, I can watch it appear to turn dry and cracked right before my eyes!  To combat the dryness, for myself and clients, I like to PowerLayer self care products.  When done with the right ingredients, you see and feel the hydration and moisture retention in skin immediately!  

An easy way to test your level of dryness is by using a face blotting tissue.  After properly cleansing your skin, press a face blotting tissue to the T-Zone area for about 10 seconds.  If the tissue comes away clean, then you know you are lacking vital oil production that assists in keeping skin healthy and strong!

I have personally experienced an amazing decrease in dryness just by making a few changes to my self care products and lifestyle.  Remember, using quality products and ingredients is the first step to self care; tide for first is creating the right day and night regimens and being consistent!

Proper cleansing and hydrating is step one for all of my clientele, even before I allow them to purchase products.  Regardless of age or gender, each person should be cleansing twice, each morning and each night.  Twice means, two time in a row - a double cleanse!  This process alone removes much more dirt, debris, make-up, sweat, oil, sunscreen and allows deeper cleansing of the pores!  You are guaranteed to see a change in the health of your skin in just a week!

Here is a list of some of my favorite daily must have by Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills.  This is a pure, medical grade ingredient line, created strictly for results!  The pricing mirrors the value and results!

DBH Cleanser: Pre Peel Cleanse (daily use a.m. & p.m.) Deep, yet gentle cleanse that is perfect for all skin types and conditions.  

DBH Toner: AntiOxidant Toner & Aloe Toner (I use the Aloe Toner for days I had too much sun or sensitivity from outdoor activities, like snowboarding or hiking)

DBH Serums: Vitamin C20 (20% pure grade vitamin c with the concentration of 240 orange peels)! :)  I like to switch out my serums as I go thorough them to keep my skin active!

DBH Moisturizer: Advanced Collagen Formula (day) Gives me hydrated and firmer skin.  Great with or without makeup! Vitamin A/E Cream (night) this increased healthy cell turnover and moisture repair at night!!  love, love !

DBH Eye: Perfect Skin Eye Hydration Gel (must for hydration and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes)

DBH Sun Protection:  EGF UV Shield SPF 50 PA+++!!!!!  yes, yes and yes to fighting all the Ultra Violet Aging rays that are bouncing around everywhere AND generating healthy/hydrated skin cells!

If you are interested in testing any of these products, stop on by for a consultation or contact me to place an order.  All skinbio pricing for DBH products are about 25% less than online purchases!

I also work with licensed professionals on treatments & services!

Another good product where pricing will still mirror your results, is Dermalogica.  You can find Dermalogica just about anywhere.

Dermalogica Cleanser: Special Cleansing Gel

Dermalogica Toner: Antioxidant Toner

Dermalogica Serum: Hydrating Serum

Dermalogica Moisturizer: AGE Smart line - Dynamic Skin Recovery with SPF50 (2-in-1)

When battling dryness, change in diet makes a big change from in the inside-out.  Increasing Omega 3’s, with plenty of water intake and exercise are three things you can start immediately to see healthy skin results!  For an internal skin booster, try my C Power Drink each morning followed by Green with Envy throughout the rest of the day.  Results time varies, average is 3-5 days! 

DREADED DEHYDRATION, we all have it…


Stay on the look out for Part II, the continuation of, the Battle of Dry vs Dehydrated Skin

Healthy Skin is a Healthy You!

xo, K

Kristine Seganti