Get your skin ready for Summer!  Some of us are still recuperating from the Winter Fun with dry, dull and/or sensitive skin.  Spring is already here changing my complexion and I am in need of some prepping for this Summer Sun peeking in!

Having a beautiful and youthful glowing complexion is what everyone wants, right?  If you agree, here are some tips for a smooth, hydrated glowing complexion, for BOTH MEN and WOMEN. 

After cleansing your skin, exfoliate well to and remove dry dead skin cells that cause dullness, shadowing, uneven tanning and cakey sunblock and make-up application!  No one wants to see that!  mua!

SMART COOKIE  Cleansing twice in a row not only provides a deep clean, it also better prepares your skin for exfoliation and penetration of needed nutrients!

Moisturize well based on your skin type!  HERE are some of my favorites:

ALL SKIN TYPES: Colorlite Plus ***** STARS

DRY SKIN: Vitamin A&E Moisture ***** STARS

OILY SKIN: Tissue Hydrating Gel ***** STARS

ACNEIC SKIN: Milk Cream ***** STARS

& BPO 5% spot treatment


If your skin feels extra dry or needs a boost of nutrients, try applying a toner and serum first to your cleansed skin.  This will give your skin the added GLOW & BOOST it requires!  Stick with this routine for a continued feed of nutrients to your skin.

Ladies, stick to wearing a light foundation that you you can “build-up” on for summer nights!  You can achieve the coverage you need by building and avoiding the cakey look.

Remember, less is more!

Keep your skin healthy by staying hydrated and exercising and you will have great skin and a sexy complexion.


As women we love our makeup, but more often than not wearing makeup everyday can be a huge contributing factor to skin issues such as blemishes, congestion, uneven skin tone, acne and more.

Allowing your skin to breath each night by properly cleansing your skin will allow for better night time repair!

Oil cleansers that emulsify are my favorite for this down and dirty job!  Everything is quickly removed, even sunscreen and waterproof makeup!   With or without makeup, this is my go to each night to thoroughly cleanse and prepare my skin for delicious serums!

Our skin loves to breath and can actually add to the health and brightness of our complexion.

Remember, your skin changes with the season, hormones and stress, so should your daily skin care!  

For a personal recommendation of what products to choose for your skin, give us a call or shoot me an email.  I would love to help you enjoy your skin!

Healthy Skin, Healthy You!

Xo, K

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